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At No. Ten Manchester Street Hotel, we are thrilled to be supporting two key charities which lay close to the heart of the company. 


The West London Day Centre - helping homeless people to move off the streets and into accommodation

Every day around 100 homeless people visit the West London Day Centre based in Marylebone looking for help to move off the streets.  The Day Centre provides a canteen, showers, clothing store, laundry, luggage storage and mail collection to give immediate practical support to homeless people.  Alongside housing advice, resettlement support, specialist services include an on-site NHS Homeless Health Team (with a nurse every day, a doctor twice a week, a podiatrist and a counsellor), mental health support services, an optician, help with finding employment, support with benefits, immigration advice and drug and alcohol support. 

West London Day Centre is organising a sponsored Sleep Out on Friday 25th September 2015 in Manchester Square Garden, Marylebone

Raising money for the Advice Service at West London Day Centre - helping homeless people to move off the streets and back into accommodation

For more information and to register go to

Donate at



Cheer - a leading ministry for the encouragement, healing and restoration of those who find themselves parenting alone.

CHEER was established in 1998 by Cherie Colman, a divorcee with three young children.  Having experienced all the negative consequences of bringing up a young family alone. Cherie became dedicated to bringing a comprehensive and holistic support to other vulnerable lone parent households and their dependents.

Cheer embraces any person responsible for the care of a child/children and parenting alone (married, divorced, single or guardian), whatever their ethnic background, race and colour. We aim to offer practical help, fellowship, prayer, guidance and compassion.

There are several Cheer Groups, run in collaboration with local churches. Many members live on poor estates with a majority of one parent families. Cheer activities include court visits, dealing with social workers on family and housing matters, and helping with advice on debts and bills. We have provided support in many diverse situations, from cancer and school fees to shopping, and providing furniture and food.  At the comfort level there is usually someone available 24/7 for counselling and to listen and encourage.

A major feature of the Cheer Groups is the regular lunch meetings. These are fundamental to the Cheer aim of encouraging and fostering friendships between members, and helping promote a certain amount of self-help –they can meet up, relax, share discussions and experiences, bond and make new friends.  We also hold regular seminars with guest speakers, covering a wide variety of topics including how to parent alone, manage a budget, handle divorce and other such useful information and life-skills.

Cheer has recently extend their work in a new Cheer venture - “Cheer for Boys” and “Cheer for Girls.”

In July, 2008 the Charity was presented with a ‘Highly Commended’ Award by the Centre for Social Justice.