Environmental Policy

At No. Ten Manchester Street Hotel we are continuously searching for new ways to take proactive action to help sustain the environment whilst recognising the impact of our hotel operations on the world around us.

We are dedicated to green hotel policies and have taken action to reduce our carbon footprint, save energy, recycle, reduce water consumption and conserve natural resources. These efforts are continually reviewed and new avenues of improvement are regularly sought out whilst complying with relevant environmental legislation, requirements and obligations.


Our Environmental Commitment


  • PIR’s – Motion sensors for lights
  • Energy saving switches – All rooms are fitted with card readers to prevent lights and AC from been on all day
  • Led lighting throughout the building – saves 80% energy compared to standard bulbs
  • AC Master controller – Schedules the AC’s in the hotel so they are not left on needlessly
  • Voltage optimisation Unit – Reduces the voltage to the hotel Gas
  • Full pipe reconstruction to increase efficiency
  • Gas clamps



  • Sensor taps
  • Eco flush on all toilets Other
  • Recycling office and kitchen waste
  • Bulk ordering goods to save on transport emissions
  • Food waste collections


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